At Universal Cables Industries Ltd. we have a vision to provide the nation with an uninterrupted flow of wires and cable, and to strengthen the structure with a continual power supply and incessant communication. May we be a nation so strong that anything we dream of turns into reality and may we, the Universal Cables Industries Ltd., be the backbone of such an infrastructure.


Universal Cables Industries Ltd. and its entire team is dedicated towards achieving its benchmark of becoming the symbol of quality and trust in the cable industry with an incompatible market share. We raise our target of quality constantly and succeed in breaking our own records and making ourselves even better each day. We are on the move to become the best and for us, even the sky is not the limit. At Universal Cables Industries Ltd., we consider it our responsibility to discipline the working masses of our nation and the first step towards this is our well organized work environment which is a significant contribution to the society.